Selected Documentaries

2007 I am a Refugee in Cairo (Al Jazeera International)
2006 26 Seconds in Pakistan (Islamic Relief Foundation)
2004 Baghdad (ZDF)
2003 Mass Graves in Iraq (ZDF)
2002 Drug Addiction in Kuwait (ZDF)
2002 Pilgrimage to Mecca (ZDF)
2001 The River that Connects Future EC Countries (ZDF)
2001 Three German Women Living in Gaza (WDR Germany)
2000 A Day of an Ambulance Driver in Ramalla, Palestine (ZDF)
1999 Nagib Mahfouz: Passage du siecle (ARTE)
1999 The War in Kosovo (ZDF)
1998 The Beginning of the War in Kosovo (ZDF)
1996 Slavery in Southern Sudan (ZDF)
1996 Taliban: War Against El Mazar El Sharif (ZDF)
1995 The Victim of a War that Ended - Bosnia (ARTE)
1995 The Fall of Mubuto Sisisico of Zaire (ZDF)
1994 The War in Chechnya (ZDF)
1994 Massacres in Rwanda (ZDF)
1994 Female Circumcision in Ethiopia (ZDF)
1994 The Divided City of Mostar (ARTE)
1992 The Fall of the Communist Regime in Afghanistan (ABC)
1992 The Last Days of the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) Camp in Lebanon (CBS)
1992 The War in Somalia (ABC)
1992 The Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka (Channel 4 UK)
1991 Among the First Three TV Crews to Enter Liberated Kuwait (TBS Japan)
1991 Kurdish Refugees in the Turkish and Iranian Mountains (TVAM UK)
1988 Czhachescow’s Downfall in Romania (NTV Japan)
1988 The Fall of the Iranian Plane Hit by an American Missile (NHK Japan)
1987 Iran-Iraq War (NHK Japan)